How can having bad signage impact your business?

We know how important first impressions are, especially when it comes to signage. It’s the very first thing that your existing and potential customers will see before they decide to enter your store or premises, but bad signage could be the reason why they turn back around.

Want to make a great impression with your customers? It all starts with quality signage. Here are a few points to consider to ensure your signs stand out for all the right reasons:

You first need to think about your environment, where is your sign going to be? Above a doorway? On a pavement? In an area of busy traffic and footfall? Or an area of high competition? These are just some of the things that you need to think about to ensure that your sign works for you, from the off set.

The second thing to think about is does your signage reflect your brand? Ok, this may seem obvious, but get this wrong, and your sign won’t be doing its job. Think about the colours you should use and how they need to work in your environment.

Sometimes, less really is more. Simple, clear, singular messages are more powerful and impactful than busy, crowded and over-complicated signs. Think about the power of blank space, and how it can really help your message stand out.

Consider your typography. There’s a reason why all professional fonts have differing weights from normal to bold, and from size to extension. All of which need to be considered when planning the perfect sign. If your customers can’t read your sign clearly, then they can’t find you, or won’t notice you, or will think bad of you.

Clean up your act. Condition is everything. If your sign is clean and well-maintained then your customers will have positive expectations from the onset.  It’s all about perception – if your signage looks bad, you may well be perceived as being bad too.

Would you like to make the perfect first impression with your signage?

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