Global Expansion: Going local in Hong Kong

We are excited to inform you that as part of our global expansion, we are opening a new ‘local’ office in Hong Kong called Pearce Signs Asia Ltd.

We are already implementing four global programmes so that our Hong Kong office will reap the rewards as they benefit from our expertise in signage across many sectors. But that’s not all; they will also profit from our local, cultural knowledge.

In particular, Asia and Hong Kong specifically, can benefit from our one-source partnership for their signage needs via our TISA strategic partners.

TISA, The International Sign Alliance, is the collaboration of The Pearce Group, Philadelphia Sign and Riemer Associates, working together to provide our clients with our combined expertise in what has become known as a premier branding organisation.

We can say this with confidence as TISA has been involved in many projects in major cities across the world.

Marrying our combined expertise in signage for any location – interior and exterior – decorative, illuminated and any scale, we offer great value for the highest quality products, from design through to production and installation.

At Pearce Signs Asia Ltd we are all about building partnerships and we look forward to the opportunities this global expansion will bring.