For a full turnkey solution to your brand requirements, please visit the Pearce Group of Companies

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For a full turnkey solution to your brand requirements, please visit the Pearce Group of Companies

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We believe that consultancy is key. We take the time to explore your brand and understand how we can develop the perfect signage to compliment who you are in the locations you want to be in.

Our highly skilled team have a wealth of experience in the signage industry so can share their knowledge.

We are able to offer advice on location, architecture, site assessment, materials, placement, colour palette and finish, to name but a few. We communicate with you throughout the process and we deliver.

Are you considering a new project? Or perhaps you’re in need of a signage refresh? Get in touch with us first to talk about doing your brand justice.

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Design & Branding

We understand how important your brand is and that’s why our team of in-house designers work with surveyors, architects and project manages to ensure that your brand is translated with integrity and accuracy.

Materials, paint, colour palette, lighting, and placement – every aspect is carefully considered to get you looking your best. Make the best impression.

Project Management

Transparency and communication are key to staying on track. That’s why your objectives, milestones, and metrics are regularly tracked, updated and shared to ensure that your vision and goals are fulfilled.

Your unique requirements are met with creative solutions. We understand every business is different and we love a challenge. Throughout the project you can trust:

• Your vision and expectations are central to the project
• You will have a measurable understanding of budget and completed project
• Communication is transparent and available at all times
• Your project uses the most advanced design and installation technologies
• All aspects of your installation are fully researched (including regulations and site sensitivities)
• You receive unswerving attention to customer and employee safety
• The project is complete only when your vision is satisfied


We take pride in our production capabilities and invest heavily in our factory to ensure that we have the latest cutting-edge technology that enables the best quality products made on time and to a competitive budget.

Throughout our 200 years of sign making we’ve leapt from handcrafting a pub sign, to using technologies that can cut, glue and print 10 times faster. We do revisit our roots on occasion though; sometimes the traditional methods are the only way of achieving that Pearce Signs perfection..


Intelligent engineering of design, material and process enables efficient delivery and high-quality signage production that is individually tailored to your needs.

Throughout the centuries of sign making, we have evolved from handcrafting each sign to using technologies that cut, glue and paint 10 times faster to improve efficiency and accuracy. Although, on occasion traditional methods are the only way of achieving Pearce Signs perfection.


Our installation team cover every part of the UK and beyond. They are licensed, insured and have technical expertise to ensure that every aspect of the project is carefully considered and executed.

Meticulous planning from the site location to weather and traffic flow are all considered prior to fixing and is key to ensure that your signage is in place, on time and on budget telling the world that you’re here and open for business.